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About Me

Hey There!

I am Kimberly! I'm a mom to two energetic (and loveable) little boys, Jaxson and Zachary. In the past, I was a 3rd-grade inclusion teacher. I have ALWAYS wanted to write books. As a kid, I would "self-publish" my own books and show them to my teachers and family. Some of the most inspiring authors for me were Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, Beverly Cleary, and Judy Blume. Somewhere along the way, I strayed from my path to pursue other dreams and found my way back recently.

What to Know...

My husband, Tim, and I have been together for 20 years!! I grew up in Massachusetts and met my hubby in Rhode Island. Together, we have lived in Nevada, Utah, and, currently, southern New Hampshire (wow, that's a lot of states!). We love adventure, exploring new places, and making new friends wherever we go. 

I have a passion for reading, healthy and holistic living, baking, and being a boy mom. My boys are equal parts sweet and mischievous and deserve their very own book to tell you about their tales. We also have a 17.5-year-old Westie named Jimmy, who also deserves his own book (but for now, he will share a book with his human brothers).

Whether you'd like to find out more about my book or want to chat about self-publishing, contact me, and let's be friends!

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