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The Jamboree Journey: Tank's Story 


The Jamboree Journey begins as a classic story but ends with an unexpected twist. Book 2 continues to emphasize the importance of positivity, determination, and optimism that you came to love in Book 1.


Told through a folktale style using repetition and loveable characters, this story will surely be your child's favorite! This is second in a series of picture books with important social-emotional themes.


36 Pages
full color
Ages 4-8


The Jamboree Journey: Tank's Story

  • The Jamboree Journey: Tank's Story is the 2nd book in my Journey Series.

    Tank the Tortoise is getting his turn to be the star of the show!

    A young tortoise is invited to the most spectacular jamboree of the year. An evening of music, games, food, and friends–what more could a tortoise want? But on the day of the jamboree, a string of unexpected mishaps threatens to derail his plans.

    Will perseverance be enough to conquer all the obstacles thrown his way, or will Tank the Tortoise miss out on the fun? Even the most optimistic tortoises have their limits. Join Tank on a delightful journey of resilience, friendship, and positivity.


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